WNBA Courts

While working at RARE Design, our agency was approached by the WNBA for a complete overhaul of their court graphics. Since their new brand roll-out the WNBA has seen growth into a more modern, lifestyle-driven version of their league; we presented court designs that could reflect the *new* WNBA and what the future could look like now.

Movement • Tension • Intersection

Ultimately with the court designs, we worked to create a unique system that would allow all the WNBA teams to have courts that reflected their independent systems but could be maintained as unmistakably WNBA. The incorporation of their new identity was important; taking the woman out of the box shape symbolized more than just a graphic asset being removed. This new identity is a new opportunity for growth in a professional league setting.

On a more personal note, this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever worked on to date, I’ve gotten so lucky with such sick projects at RARE! I wish there were more things to show from this project right now, but once they are all released in 2022 I will update them here!