Manolo Candle Co.

Originating from the phrase “God is with Me,” Manolo Candle Co. has curated an experience that allows you to surround yourself in affirmations when times of self-doubt may creep in. This candle line is comprised of two sub-categories; Aromatherapy and the Affirmation Collection. This was such a fun project and the client really let me have some agency in the packaging development. MCC will be hitting shelves later this year!

It was really important to Manolo’s founder that the packaging reflect the tone of the company; soothing, affirming, and positive. Pulling more muted tones in the boxes and brand identity played into that. The primary palette for MCC’s identity calls back to the elements that create the candles themselves; off-white wax, wood wick brown, and dark brown ash from the crackling wick.

Future Plans

Another close-up shot of Manolo’s would-be packaging if COVID-19 hadn’t brought production lines to a full halt this past year. I created idealized boxes and jars to scale based on my client’s specs, as well as thinking about actual shipping of the candles once they were live for sale online!